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The Unusual Suspects 2024

The Unusual Suspects 2024

by Jo McPherson -
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We have been busy planning our annual symposium at the Royal Society of Medicine on 21 February 2024.

The aim of the meeting is to inform doctors that rare diseases are collectively common and relevant to every medical career.  Very different rare diseases face similar challenges, including navigating healthcare which can be alleviated by a medical profession that understands what living with a rare disease means to a patient and their larger community.

The focus for this year’s event will be communication and inclusivity in rare disease. The majority of people living with rare conditions will never receive a disease-modifying treatment or benefit from a specialist service. Often a system built on evidence-based medicine doesn’t work for patients who have little evidence about their condition. This can leave their clinicians feeling helpless and the patient feeling isolated.  This event will help participants build on their listening and communication skills for the benefit of people living with untreatable long-term conditions.

We have now finalised our panel of speakers who we will introduce you to in the lead up to the event, but for now secure your space by clicking here: https://www.rsm.ac.uk/events/medical-genetics/2023-24/mgs03/

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